The Best Ways To Find Franchise Attorneys


Most professionals engaged in the franchise industry will advise getting a referral when looking for a franchise attorney. There are other methods but when you find out about an attorney with experience in franchise law, particularly in your industry, you are more likely to end up with a good match and better representation. In the least you will have saved time and possibly money.

As part of due diligence you should meet with existing franchisees and ask them for lawyer referrals. Even if the attorneys are not in your area, they may be part of a network of firms with lawyers who specialize n your area.

If a referral is not available to you or you decide against hiring one you were referred to, there are plenty of other resources for finding qualified attorneys. Contact your state bar association and ask for a list of lawyers who specialize in franchise law. You may have to meet with one or two before you find the most appropriate attorney to represent you.

There are dozens of Web sites that list lawyer directories, including dedicated attorney directories like It may take more time to find a lawyer who specializes in your area, and who you think will best represent your interests. If you plan to use legal services for negotiating your Franchise Agreement, you’ll 1st want to determine if negotiations are allowed by franchisees.

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