Death Becomes Them


It’s inevitable when you meet someone new that the first question out of their mouth is, “So, what do you do?â€? For those of us with normal jobs, the answer’s pretty straightforward. But what if your livelihood revolves around doing something that freaks most people out? Death is a serious business, but few people want to deal with the necessities surrounding it–burials, crime-scene clean-up or even body donation for science.

It may not be easy to have a creepy business, but it isn’t such a bad thing if you can find a way to make a living from it and enjoy helping people through a very sensitive time. This is exactly what the three following businesses have found a way to do. Join us as we pay tribute to these business owners who have found success servicing a less-than-ordinary niche market.

Business profiled in the article include:

  • Murder Scene Mop-Up
  • From Ashes to Fishes
  • From the Slab to the Lab

Photo by ghostbones.

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