Making Search Engines Work For Your eBay Business

Despite 50 percent of online purchases being researched via a search engine, most eBay sellers ignore the potential of search engines to drive traffic to their listings. By optimizing your eBay Store, your products could improve their rankings in the search results on major search engines and boost your sales.

High rankings can drive huge amounts of traffic to your products, and even with limited resources, it is still possible to apply techniques that will increase the rankings of your eBay Store and listings.

How Search Engines Work

When looking for a product, a customer visits a search engine and enters a search term or keyword, for which the search engine produces a list of results that it considers most relevant. It is by understanding how this list of results is produced that your eBay page can be optimized. The ranking of a web page for a keyword depends on three things:

Search Engine Optimization for eBay Stores

Featured Opportunities

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