Sitters In The City


A singer, a dancer, a painter — take your pick, these are just some of the creatives that New York parents can hire as their child’s babysitter for the night.

Eugenia Bachaleda, a musician, and Kristina Wilson, a performer, combined their talents to devise Sitters in the City for a modern twist on baby sitting.

The benefits of Sitters in the City work both ways — for actors and artists, it’s a flexible job that combines well with auditions and concert rehearsals. For parents, it’s a fun and creative childcare option that aims to leave children inspired and entertained.

Sitters in the City charge USD 15/hour with a minimum booking of four hours, and sitters can be booked up to two hours in advance. Nice one for entrepreneurial art and drama students to replicate in creative hubs across the world!

Photo by Sitters in the City.

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