Can Three People Partner Effectively?

Inside Mismatch

USA Today:

The founders of LittleMissMatched don’t know what happens to perfectly good socks that disappear in the wash. But the mystery of the missing socks led them into a business venture that started small and is growing fast.

Arielle Eckstut, Jason Dorf and Jonah Staw started selling packs of three or seven mismatched socks in 2003 after Eckstut and Staw came up with the idea as a solution to lost socks. Each sock is different, although the colors or patterns may coordinate.

The three thirtysomethings are unlikely partners. Eckstut is an artsy West Coast literary agent. Staw is an intense branding and marketing guy. Dorf is a slightly conservative New York garment-industry veteran.

But they clicked because their expertise complements each others’ so well and because as fast as they can come up with ideas, Staw sets a strategy and timetable to turn them into reality.

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