The Future of Medical Transcription

Work at Home Chuck:

Recently a local doctor told a college student not to enter medical transcription because “medical transcriptionists won’t exist in 10 yearsâ€?.

Of course, with remote doctors, it’s equally possible to say that local doctors won’t exist in 10 years, but I bet she still tells people to go to medical school.

As my wife, a very busy medical transcriptionist told her, “Who knows WHAT job will be here in 10 years!â€?

The doctor made this point even though she’s never used an MT and writes her notes long hand.

This is becoming increasingly impractical in the age of digital medical records, so the hospital suggested she get a $40,000 medical records system.

No telling what the annual upgrades will cost, but that sounds like it would pay for a lot of medical transcription.

My wife has been in medical office work for 30 years.

When computers first came out, they were sure that within 6 months half the staff would be gone.

They weren’t… as many people seem to be hired in the offices as before.

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