Lenny's Sub Shop

Everybody loves Lenny’s! It’s easy to see why. Their authentic Philadelphia-style sub shop features great subs and Philly Cheesesteaks, a simple operating concept and a proven success story with thousands of loyal customers in established markets.

The formula is simple and effective, great food and excellent, caring service – everytime. lennys.gifThey serve their meats and cheeses sliced to order in extra large portions, bake their bread and cookies fresh everyday, serve delicious homemade chicken and tuna salad and their world-class Philly Cheese steaks are served fresh and hot, right off the grill.

Their generous sandwiches and unprecedented customer service is a testimonial to why their unbelievably loyal customers say they prefer a Lenny’s sub hands down to their national competition. Why? Lenny’s puts back what has been missing in the sub sandwich business – More Food, More Taste, More Service!

All this adds up to an outstanding business opportunity for you.

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