Pillow Invention Takes Wrinkles Out Of Sleeping


Linda Randell kept waking up with pillow face and a stuffy nose. One morning, she woke up with her face on her hand in the shape of the letter C and realized she didn t have sleep lines because of that shape. That was the beginning.

The Save My Face Pillow is shaped like two letter C’s back-to-back. We introduced the pillow at a spa in 1999 and it received such an amazing response that we went into production full-time. The pillow suspends your face while stomach- or side-sleeping, thereby reducing pillow face, eye puffings, snoring and allergies.

Randell started the company with $50,000 of her own money. For three years, she tested size, consistency and materials used as well as packaging and media materials and target markets.

Randell expects revenues this year to be over $300,000 and her goals are to sell tons of pillows and introduce new products and accessories. And to be on Oprah or Dr. Phil!

Photo by Save My Face Pillow.

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