Student Building His Future On Ebay

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Before even graduating from college, Corey Kossack started an online business that raked in sales of half a million dollars last year.

Kossack, a computer information systems senior, started Koss DVD – which sells DVDs, video games and books on eBay – two years ago.

The business became more successful as he learned how to build a positive reputation and get good deals from suppliers, he added.

But getting suppliers to take him seriously was tough at first.

“I learned how to ask the right questions,” Kossack said. “I had to prove myself.”

Based on his experience running a successful business, Kossack also recently self-published a book and developed software that could help others make it big on eBay.

“A lot of entrepreneurs have the potential inside them, but they don’t know how to get to it,” Kossack said.

Photo by Ashley Lowery /THE STATE PRESS.

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