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The holidays are a time for giving. There seems to be an assumption that the only way you can help a charitable cause is by donating money, but there are ways you can help without spending any money.

1. Donate Your Time. While this may seem obvious to a lot of people, many don’t ever consider this option.

2. Donate Your Skills. Less obvious to many is that you may be able to donate a skill that you have.

3. Donate By Clicking. There are a number of websites that receive money by you simply clicking on a button. When you do, advertisers are displayed and they pay a certain amount for each click. You can find a large list of charities that make money this way at Charity Click Donation.

4. Place The Charity In Your Email Signature. Place the website address to the charity in the signature of your emails (this will make it show up at the bottom of every email you send out).

5. Get A Credit Card. More and more charities are offering branded credit cards. If you use these credit cards, the charity gets a small percentage back on the amount you spend.

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