Icecream Ambition To Lick US Market

Nz Herald:


Businesswoman Diane Foreman is hoping the expansion of the New Zealand Natural Ice Cream franchise into the United States is just the tip of an iceberg.

Two years after Foreman’s Emerald Foods picked up the distribution arm and control of the brand it has grown from 230 outlets to 412.

Sole owner Foreman – who is vice-chairwoman of the Business Round Table lobby group – says that with the brand in 17 countries her main focus is in the US and Asia.

The first US outlet is opening in Los Angeles next month and the master franchiser there plans a further 12.

“There are a lot of competitors in the US and a lot of opportunities,” she says. “Americans are the biggest ice-cream consumers in the world.”

Foreman said the demand for dairy foods was still developing in Asia because consumption was low.

But there were good prospects there as well: the first Indian store opened in New Delhi last week and was beating targets.

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