Niche Biz: Graduating Students

Mary Wayman wanted her son to finish college in four years. During her son’s college planning, she realized that few parents recognized the startling statistics associated with college entry and college graduation: Only half of all college entrants will obtain a college degree.

Of those students that remain in college, 80 percent will need at least six years to graduate. She wanted to help her son, and others, save valuable time and money by graduating within four years. In order to educate and service students and parents, Application 2 Graduation was born.

The company works with students as early as their freshman year of high school to help develop a college preparatory curriculum. During the junior and senior years, A2G assists with college selection and applications.

A2G completes college applications in their entirety, including all required financial aid forms. The company also reviews the students’ essays for content and grammar, and ensures all paperwork is submitted on time.

When students arrive on the college campus of their choice, they are assigned an Advocate, who acts as their personal college assistant, providing critical support, guidance, and direction during each of the four years the student attends college.

Today, A2G has seen 5,000 students cross the stage, 99 percent of those in a 4-year window.

Photo by Application 2 Graduation.

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