Craftsman Makes Unique Niche Product

BYU NewsNet:

Dave Giles owns and operates The Gavel Store, an online distributor of handcrafted gavels, from his home in Provo.

Giles learned woodworking as he worked with his father when he was 18 years old.

He began selling old-fashioned wooden yo-yos, but the product wasn’t moving as well as Giles would’ve liked. He tried selling all sorts of different wooden handicrafts, but it wasn’t until he put one of his father’s gavels on the site that he found his niche.

Generally Giles’ clients are professionals from the U.S. who need gavels for organizations or as gifts. But sometimes, Giles places custom orders that are unusual — like shipping six brass gavels to Russia.

The online store has been successful enough to become what Giles terms his “bread and butter,” though he won’t get anymore specific on its bottom line than that.

The key to the success of The Gavel Store is the quality of the product. Giles will place a mass produced gavel next to any of his handcrafted ones, and the difference is striking.

Photo by The Gavel Store.

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