Teens And Media: A Full-Time Job

CNET News.com:

According to a study released this week, Americans aged 13 to 18 spend more than 72 hours a week using electronic media–defined as the Internet, cell phones, television, music and video games. Because teens are known for multitasking, their usage of devices can overlap.

So much technology makes teens feel they are playing a starring role in their own reality TV show, said Jim Taylor, vice chairman of the Harrison Group, which conducted the 2006 Teen Trend study.

“This generation is unique,” Taylor said. “Teen life has become a theatrical, self-directed media production.”

The study estimates that despite their age, teens have great purchasing power, thanks to money coming in from part-time jobs and parents. Teenagers spend about $195 billion annually on clothes, eating out, cars, movies and cell phones, according to the report.

They’re also spending money on technology.

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