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The aspirations of his 7-year-old nephew led Joe Bruno to enter the youth sports photography business in 1987 when he was only 21 years old and in his 2nd year of college.
An aspiring entrepreneur, Bruno was studying business at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., at the time. He was spending New Year’s Day with family and friends, playing a card-toss game with his nephew’s hockey trading cards when the youngster said, ‘Uncle Joe, one day I’m going to be on one of these cards.’

‘I thought to myself, how many kids have that dream and never fulfill it?’ Bruno recalled. ‘It was too bad there wasn’t a trading card for a seven-year-old. That sparked the idea.’

6 months later, he was in the youth sports photography business, having started the venture from his bedroom in his parent’s house in suburban Toronto. He was not only turning out youth trading cards for a variety of sports, but also serving as a full-service photo provider for youth sports organizations, providing high-quality individual and team portraits and other innovative products. More.

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