Stagecoach Continues To Expand In Germany

stagecoach.gifThe Stagecoach franchise system provides dance, singing and acting courses for children and young adults aged between 6 and 16. The aim is not only to train young talented people for a future career within the arts world but also to teach these young people how to express themselves better and strengthen their self-confidence – essential assets which are needed for their everyday life, too.

Only professional teachers are allowed to teach at these schools who themselves actively work or have worked in the past as an actor, singer, dancer, director or choreographer.

The Stagecoach company was founded in 1988 in Great Britain where it now has more than 500 theatre arts schools for children and young adults. 2 years ago, it entered the German market and today it already has 20 franchise businesses.

The company says that it provides its franchisees with intensive support, for example in the areas of marketing and advertising. Its support continues as well once the business is up and running. It does expect its franchisees to have had experience of the arts world. The concept can – depending on the market – be run as a part-time or as a full-time business.

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