Surface Specialists

Surface Specialists® offers customers the convenience of one-stop shopping!

As a Surface Specialists® franchisee, you will not have to rely on only one service to support your business. They offer more profit centers than any other franchisor in their industry, including:
* Kitchen & bath repair & refinishing;
* Acrylic bathtub liner and wall system installation;
* Safety conversions;
* Whirlpool conversions;
* Spa & pool repair & refinishing;
* Glass scratch removal;
* Guardian coat (protective tub) application;
* Whirlpool plumbing & mechanical repair;
* Repair & polishing of real marble & granite.

The ability to provide all of these services enhances your positioning as the one-stop shop for customers remodeling alternatives. More importantly, it allows you to customize your business to your individual market, fill the niches not being met by your competition and increase your profit potential.

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