WindPath Sailing is one of the most exciting business opportunities to hit the sailing community in the last ten years.
You don’t need an office or large staff, because a WindPath base can be run from your home office.

It offers many benefits over other similar business models such as charter. Once you establish your member base you will have a monthly reoccurring income. You don’t need to continually generate new business; their membership has a very low turnover rate. You can expect to make about $1,500 per month for every full boat in your fleet. Once you fill up your first boat with members you can begin to look for an owner-member who will make the down payment on your second yacht. The owner member program is one of the keys to the growth of your fleet that does not require a large capital investment.

Do you have a passion for the water and sailing? Contact them today!

Originally posted by Dane Carlson on December 23, 2006 in Franchise Site.


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