Network Marketing Tips: People in the Pipeline

When you have enough people in your pipeline, you can always quickly replace a person who, for instance, didn’t show up to there appointment. Let’s say it’s five minutes before the conference call; you call Joe and he is a no show. Okay, no problem: you start going through your file and decide to call Mary, who’s a qualified prospect but didn’t show up for her appointment a few nights ago. You say,

“Hi, Mary. I realize you missed your appointment a few nights ago, I’m sure something equally important must have come up. The great news is that we happen to have another call right now and I can simply take you to this call, so you can get some great information regarding making that $5000 per month you’re looking for. How does that sound?” They usually say okay. Then you take the next step. This is one of the benefits of having a moderately full pipeline.

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  1. Appreciate your depth of knowledge; very well written!