Golfer’s Love For Sport Creates Invention

The StarPhoenix:

Jason Hoium’s idea during a golf game might well end up financing him through his University of Saskatchewan classes.

The 19-year-old student and a couple of his golf playing buddies came up with the idea of creating a unique golf putter grip, one that included its own built-in magnetic ball marker.

It turned out to have been a case of bad news/good news in the middle of a fateful game back in the summer of 2005. When Hoium realized he’d lost his ball marker during a 18-hole playoff with his pals, frustration led to invention.

Losing the ball marker delayed play, but the threesome figured out a sure-fire way players would never lose the tiny all-important metal disc ever again.

The first stage in the process was to find a golf grip company that was willing to work with three students who had a lot more passion than manufacturing experience.

While they had a number of rejections from companies such as Golf Pride, U.S.-based Karakal Golf eventually agreed to partner with the young entrepreneurs.

Photo by Peter Wilson – The StarPhoenix.

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