Advertisers Hope To Cash In Big With Niche Marketing

Selling a message to a whole body of people isn’t nearly as effective as reaching just the part of the group that wants to hear your pitch.

The concept is niche marketing, and is widely considered to be the hottest, smartest approach to advertising today.

If you have a computer and an e-mail address, then you are an ideal candidate for niche marketing. Companies you have done business with (think Amazon or Travelocity) can request your e-mail address, and then, based on your purchasing patterns, send specific e-mails about products and promotions that should attract you.

“What worked well 20 or 30 years ago won’t do it today,” said Roger Hurni, partner and creative director at Off Madison Ave. in Tempe. “Now, there are dozens of ways to communicate.”

Niche marketing is fundamentally based on a deeper understanding about who the customer is, then building a message based on that understanding.

Photo by jbl_nyc.

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