The most important element of Network Marketing is to leverage your time. That’s where the people in your downline come into play and the true beauty of MLM. Once you sponsor someone into your business it’s your responsibility to train them. Your main goal is to teach them the skills that they need, so that they can begin to be successful on their own and help their people do the same. Of course you’ll always be there if they need help, encouragement or just to keep in touch.

When you talk about having Leaders in your downline, you don’t need that many, just a few good leaders can make an enormous difference in your check. What do they look like? Where do they come from? What kind of background do they have? Those questions are not always easy to answer. Leaders can look like anyone, come from anywhere, have any kind of background.

Network Marketing-Finding Leaders

Originally posted by Ty Tribble on December 29, 2006 in MLM Site.


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