Virtual Entrepreneur:

More young Americans are searching outside the box for alternatives to typical employment opportunities. With more financing options available and a competitive job market, purchasing a business has proven to be a viable career move for many young adults. With this in mind, Franchise Solutions Inc., a leading online franchise opportunity directory, has recently partnered with YOUNG MONEY®, a print magazine and website whose mission is to be the go-to-source for young adults when it comes to earning, managing, investing, and spending money, to enable the YOUNG MONEY Franchise Center.

Visitors to the YOUNG MONEY Franchise Center have access to hundreds of the world’s leading franchises and business opportunities that can be searched by industry, investment range, and various categories important to individuals seeking self-employment and investment opportunities, such as the ability to work from a home office. Other resources that help visitors get started in business ownership include case studies, financing options, and access to franchise brokers.

Many factors have contributed to a new appreciation for franchise ownership among a wide variety of Americans. Industry downturns, repeated lay-offs, more accessible financing options, and the challenge of balancing family and career for both men and women have all played a role in today’s popularity of small business ownership. Individuals, often with no prior experience as business owners, are using the proven business models, name-brands, and education that franchises offer their franchisees to succeed as small biz owners, making franchise ownership ideal for young adults.

Originally posted by Dane Carlson on January 9, 2007 in Franchise Site.


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