Burger King CEO Named To Head Quizno’s

Rocky Mountain News:

Former Burger King Chief Executive Greg Brenneman has been named president and CEO of Quizno’s, and Brenneman’s
equity firm has taken a position in the privately held sandwich chain, the company said Monday.

Quizno’s said Rick Schaden, previously chairman and CEO, will now serve as chairman.

Brenneman left Burger King in April, 20 months after taking the job and less than two months before its IPO. He said he was returning to TurnWorks Inc. a private equity firm, to pursue business turnarounds.

Brenneman said at the time he and Burger King’s board had discussed “the commitment necessary for any CEO in a public
environment” and decided “the best time to transition leadership was prior to Burger King’s initial public offering.”

In a written statement, Schaden said Brenneman would bring “the right mix of experience, strategic foresight and drive to take the Quizno’s brand to the next level of growth and profitability.”

In his own statement, Brenneman called Quizno’s “one of the best-kept secrets in the quick service restaurant industry.

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