Spa Body Products from Tahitian Noni

Pamper your skin and indulge in an exotic, Tahitian aromatherapy experience with the new Moéa® Spa Body Soufflé scents from Tahitian Noni International — Tahitian Lime and Papaya, Mango and Bougainvillea, and Tahitian Vanilla and Gardenia.

These luxurious moisturizers contain natural elements used for centuries by French Polynesians to nourish and protect the skin’s appearance. The Tahitians had an ancient tradition of gathering seeds and nuts and crushing them to make oils that help hydrate the skin leaving it smooth, silky, and beautiful. Continuing this tradition, the Moéa Body Soufflés contain cocoa seed butter and shea butter to reduce dryness, improve the appearance of elasticity, and help protect the skin’s appearance against outside elements. Noni seed oil hydrates and softens skin while providing valuable antioxidants. Kukui nut contains essential fatty acids vital to healthy skin.

PRESS RELEASE Introducing Three New Moéa Spa Body Soufflé Scents From Tahitian Noni International

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