Dirty Public Restrooms Yield Invention


Many people dread using public restrooms, but two North Texans have an invention that promises to keep people germ-free.

According to Centers for Disease Control, 30 to 40 percent of people don’t wash their hands after using a public restroom. That gave Arlington’s Steve Arnold and Leighton Harvey an idea. They developed the Footpull.

“To avoid touching the door handle to recontaminate your hands, before you go back to eat your meal,â€? Arnold said. “You walk over, get on this side, you put your foot underneath, open up this way and walk out.”

The Footpull is like a handle for your foot, that is fastened to the bottom of a door. People can then use their foot to pull the door open.

So far, Arnold and Harvey have sold 200 Footpulls worldwide. They are also developing a footpull for refrigerator doors for when people have their hands full of groceries.

Photo by Footpull.com.

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