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1) Peak Impact is a Customer Driven Company
Customer service is the most important thing to us. We are in business to help you succeed. If you ever have any questions or if we can help you in any way, you can contact us 6 days a week by Live Online Chat, Telephone or Email.

2) Highest Quality, Most Responsive Leads in the Industry
Two Peak Impact partners are from a successful network marketing background and two are from a successful Internet Advertising background. Peak Impact was founded because we were not happy with the MLM Leads that were available. We spent over two years trying to make other companies leads work for us, and we could not find good real time leads. So, we started Peak Impact to provide the industry with the very best most responsive real time leads in the home based business industry. The growing number of repeat customers we have tells us that we are providing the high quality leads that we set out to provide.

3) No Bad Lead Policy
Our lead verification process is the best in the industry. However, we do provide a free 10% overage on all lead orders, just in case a bad lead slips through. If the total number of bad leads is ever over the 10% overage that we give you then we are happy to replace these leads as well. 

4) Leads are Never Incentivized
Our prospects are not looking for a free ipod, laptop or whatever the latest cool freebie is. We don’t even offer prospects a free ebook when they fill in our lead capture form, because we feel that this is too much incentivization. Our prospects are simply looking for more information on how they can start their own home based business.

5) Leads are Never Oversold
While most companies sell their leads 5 or more times, we sell our leads an average of 2 times and never more than 3 times.

6) Scalable Lead Solutions
We own our own Affiliate Advertising Network which is extremely rare in this industry. Usually lead companies just buy advertising on ad networks, but since we own the network, this gives us total control over both lead quality and lead quantity. Basically, we have the ability to increase the number of leads that we deliver to any volume that is required. And as I mentioned, we are in full control of the quality as well which is why we have less bad leads than other companies.

7) Largest Variety of Types of Leads
We provide a full range of both Real Time and Aged Business Opportunity Leads, all of which come in both Surveyed and Short Form versions: Local Area Code Targeted, National, Gender Targeted, Redirected Leads. We also develop company or product specific custom campaigns and we optimize the campaign until they are running at maximum profit for our clients.
In addition we have Real Time Voice Leads which are a unique type of lead that no other company has, and both phone interviewed leads and voice broadcast leads are being introduced soon. Plus, we also provide training and mentoring services, and a regular schedule of live lead calls where you can hear our experts actually calling leads and setting up appointments. These are generic calls and no company names are ever mentioned. Check out: We listen when our customers want us to develop a certain type of lead or service. We are partners in your success!

8) Exclusive in Your Company
Your leads are never sold to anyone else in your company, so they will never be presented with your opportunity by anyone else but you.

9) Focus on Research and Development
Constant R & D means we are regularly coming out with another product to help you achieve greater levels of success.

10) Free Industry Leading Lead Back Office
All orders include a free Lead Back Office where you have full control over your lead flow. You may pause or unpause your leads at any time and you choose how many leads you get each day. We believe that you should have full control over when you get your leads rather than have the company send them to you whenever they want.

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