Boy’s Bubble Wrap Invention Helps Amputees

The Associated Press:

You can do a lot with Bubble Wrap.

A Tennessee teenager has used it to fashion an inexpensive cosmetic covering for artificial limbs.

Grayson Rosenberger said his inspiration was his mom, a double amputee who has a ministry that provides artificial limbs to Third World countries.

The 15-year-old Nashville youngster said he used a heat gun to mold Bubble Wrap around a prosthetic limb, providing muscle-like tone and shape to the steel rod attached to a foot. He said it rivals other coverings that cost more than $1,000.

Rosenberger’s invention was his entry in the first-ever Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors, conducted by Bubble Wrap creator Sealed Air Corporation. He won the grand prize: a $10,000 savings bond.

Photo by BusinessWire.

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