4 Hot Inventing Trends

Tamara Monosoff at Entrepreneur.com:

What’s changed in the world of inventions? It’s not just the technology–it’s the inventors themselves.

1. Inventors are becoming more diverse. Developing a good idea presents an equal opportunity playing field, and those who were formerly underrepresented are exploring those opportunities.

2. Inventors are stepping into the limelight. More often than ever, inventors are being featured as spokespeople for their products. TV shows and media have also placed inventors squarely in the spotlight.

3. Inventors’ mind-sets are changing. It used to be all about the idea. Now it’s about turning the idea into a thriving business.

4. Companies are realizing the possibilities of working with inventors. Perhaps the most significant development is the shift that is occurring with manufacturers, who are increasingly open to products from outside inventors.

Photo by MSDesign.

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