Press Release:

One business owner in particular, Dallin Larsen of MonaVie, has developed elixirs that incorporate Amazonian acai berry nutrients into acai juice organic components to maximize the intake of nutrients of the rainforest. The benefits of the acai berry are plentiful, from increased energy to powerful antioxidants to promote dynamic health. Acai juice blend gels and acai berry juice from the Mona Vie line combine acai berries and various fruits of the Amazon to appeal to consumers concerned with wellness.

Even though obesity statistics continue to rise, there does seem to be a viable market for a new and improved health-conscious society seeking health food, acai berry nutrients and acai juice concoctions. ‘In the same way that the invention of the motor car and the personal computer radically changed our economy, the next trillion dollar industry is being spawned right now through massive scientific breakthroughs in biology and cellular biochemistry. As an aging population increasingly seeks to stay healthy and look good, the benefits will flow to businesses that can effectively supply products and services that deliver those answers,’ Larsen said.

Originally posted by Ty Tribble on February 20, 2007 in MLM Site.


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