Treat Customers as Next-door Neighbors

Pamela Hazelton at Practical eCommerce:

People often ask me where I learned so much about ecommerce and business in general. I didn’t attend business school, nor do my college degrees reflect what I do today. Besides being book smart and having been raised “old school,” I accumulated the majority of my knowledge from experience, logical thinking and learning from others.

Success is about interacting with real people – our customers – and learning from our own mistakes. It’s also about translating real-life experiences to a business model, and I’ve found when we do this, we come up with grand ideas that are tailored to our own needs.

When you take your next sit-down to discuss changes in your site or company operations, think about the people you know – your family, your friends – and how they might address a totally different situation. Then tailor that response to your own model. Follow it through with logical thinking, and you can reach that human interaction level online shoppers – even if they don’t say it (heck, they might not even know it) – are vying to experience.

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