Inventor Creates RoboFlagger


It sounds like a super hero, but it’s the “Roboflagger.”

Drive up to a construction zone, and you may worry about delays – but flaggers worry about you.

“My fear is the guy who’s driving down the road, eating a hamburger and reading the newspaper and not paying any attention,” said Denise Smith, a DOT worker.

Road construction is a dangerous job. In six years, dozens of workers in our state have been killed – most of them flaggers.

Construction workers with the Department of Transportation will be the first to test it in a construction zone Tuesday night in Monroe. A human flagger stands behind a safety barrier and uses a remote control to stop traffic.

“When you want to stop traffic, hit the stop button. It goes from flashing yellow, to solid yellow, to red, and then the gate arm comes down,” inventor Bret Goss demonstrated to the transportation workers.

Photo by First Call Flagging.

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