Learning Technics

Learning Technics

Beginning in 1988, as an applied educational research company, Learning Technics’ mission has been to improve children’s and adult’s basic ability to learn.

The founders, John Heath and Sally Higley, were motivated by a desire to understand why their own “brightâ€? children were not doing well in school. After a decade of research and expertise from a team of specialists in a variety of disciplines “Physio-Neuro therapyâ€? training was developed.
The magic of the success came from crossbreeding ideas of neurologists, psychologists, educators, pediatricians, sociologists and psychiatrists.

Now after nineteen years of research, testing and application Learning Technics, Inc. is excited to distribute a highly effective neurological learning improvement technology, called IQ Expressâ„¢. You can participate in this breakthrough by either becoming a licensee or a distributor.

When you open a business using the IQ Expressâ„¢ technology you create an amazing opportunity to earn while changing lives.

To find out more, visit http://www.learningtechnics.com/businessop.php or call John Heath at 1-800-893-9315.

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