16-Year-Old Becomes CEO Of Foundation


A southeast Texan is the CEO of his own foundation, writing a book and works part time as a motivational speaker — all as a teenager.

Keith Davis, 16, is spreading a message. “Stay focused and have the drive and things can be done even at a young age,” he said. “I’m doing motivational speaking, modeling, acting.”

The entrepreneur is known as a star student and a stellar athlete. But at a young age, his dad knew he was destined for something big.

“He’d been trying to be an entrepreneur since he was 3 years old,” father Keith Davis Sr. said. “He was always trading Pokemon cards, always telling me, I had some bubblegum and made a profit.”

At a recent seminar, the crowd was riveted listening to what Davis had to say.

“As a young entrepreneur I continue to aim for the top every day. I’m faced with different obstacles,” he said. “I believe why not work for yourself. Why go and work for another person when you can benefit yourself by starting your own company or doing something positive for yourself.”

Davis is the CEO of the Keith J. Davis Jr. Foundation, established to help youth and teens by supporting them in raising money for summer camps, purchasing school clothes for the less fortunate, and helping young, aspiring entrepreneurs.

Photo by kjdjrfoundation.

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