pets1.jpgIn oceanography, the Great Atlantic Conveyor transports hot water from the South to the North of the planet. In the world of pet franchising the phenomenonan of an entrepreneurial conveyor has long existed, generating hot ideas in the West and transporting them Eastwards to the UK and mainland EU. Writing this week in Eddy Goldberg reports that the driver of this alternative Atlantic Conveyor, US pet business franchising, continues to grow and is an area ripe with opportunity.

Goldberg cites an array of niche products and services that are currently being franchised within the US sector, ranging from pet product retail outlets to a nationwide poop-scoop service.

Many UK pet business franchises rely on similar templates to those of the US. Smaller husband-and-wife run local pet services such as mobile grooming, dog walking, cat-sitting and even specialist pet party organisers, tend to follow the ‘we come to you’ method. The symbiotic franchisor/franchisee relationship establishes the business brand name in local communities through liveried vehicles and by word of mouth.

Smaller pet product and service franchises are ideally suited to niche sector development, specialising or expanding into new micro-sectors to add value and capture the edge over the competition: mobile groomers incorporating animal massage services; trainers specialising in behavioural problems. More.

Originally posted by Dane Carlson on March 23, 2007 in Franchise Site.


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