Toilet Paper Inspiration For Company

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As a former Clinton administration staffer and consultant, Tamara Monosoff had experience in the working world. When her first daughter started pulling toilet paper off rolls, and Monosoff got an idea for an invention that would prevent it, she added entrepreneur to her resume. The title came with a few hurdles. “It was painstaking,” recalls the Northern California mom. “Nothing told me step by step what I needed to do.” After some trial and error she got the product on the shelves of local retailers and now sells thousands of her TP Saver.

That was just the beginning of Monosoff’s new career. The process spawned a whole new business after it made her realize how few resources were available to others in the same boat.

It was her own experience of moving from the working world to being a mom that informed her decision to start Mom Inventors Inc. Mom Inventions started off as an Web-based advice site chock-full of interviews with other inventor moms as well as tips on such topics as manufacturing products overseas. She also sends out a monthly newsletter to 10,000 people. Now it’s mushroomed into a full-time business that helps other moms get their products off the ground.

In her second book, “Secrets of Millionaire Moms”, Monosoff interviewed other successful women who were able to get their ideas off the ground. Her biggest surprise in writing the second book was how the entrepreneurs all had vastly differing personalities and backgrounds. “But they hands down had same internal traits—an intense focus and determination to succeed,” she says.

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