Boxing-As-Fitness Venture Hopes To Go National Ringing Up Gym Profit


The Sacramento Bee:

Walk into the Prime Time Boxing gym, and the energy hits you like a short left to the chin. The sound system’s pulsing beat turns the Del Paso Boulevard gym into a dance floor, while the trainers shout encouragement like drill instructors to the men and women working in the ring or pounding on the heavy punching bags.

‘What time is it?’ an instructor yells at the group in the ring. ‘Prime time!’ comes the loud response.

For Cary Williams-Nunez and Angelo Nunez, owners of Sacramento-based Prime Time Boxing, Inc., the time is now to break into the big ring of business.

Digging into their own earnings and operating off a line of credit, the pair are taking their local concept to the next level, hoping to turn their boxing-as-fitness venture into a nationwide franchise. Prime Time, which will open its second location April 2 in Roseville, hopes to sell its first franchise in May.

‘The whole concept was that we took a product that’s been around a long time and we’re creating quality, service and atmosphere,’ Williams-Nunez said. ‘Who would’ve thought 20 years ago that someone would pay $3 for a cup of coffee?,’ referring to a certain franchise success story. ‘We want to be the Starbucks of fitness.’

Their move could be well-timed. Continue reading…

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