Group Brings Moms Together For Fun And Support

Ventura County Star:

When Lisa Cushman set out to start a mom’s group, this is what she had in mind. A year ago, Cushman, a stay-at-home mom to toddler Taylor, was visiting area parks as a way to get out of the house. She wished Taylor had friends to play with, and she had other moms to talk to. And she knew from her trips to the park that other moms were out there, probably looking for the same thing.

Many activities designed for mothers and their young children cost money, and often they are offered just once a week or once a month. Cushman wanted more activities, and she wanted a group that was accessible to moms of all income levels. So she used the Internet, word of mouth, and eventually some advertising in local parenting publications to start the Mama Mia Moms group in May. Since then, the free group has blossomed to a membership of 85 mothers, with activities scheduled all the time.

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