Suzanne Somers – Modern Day Mary Kay?


Suzanne Somers, über-blond gay icon, is many things: glitzy Vegas showgirl, Master of Thighs, poet, Adult Child of an Alcoholic, ubiquitous star of television schlock-coms like She’s the Sheriff and Step by Step, not to mention her most famous role as ditzy Chrissy Snow in the 1970s TV classic Three’s Company. Now the tireless glamour queen has fashioned herself as a modern-day Mary Kay as creator and promoter of Suzanne, a line of food, jewelry, and beauty products that is being sold at intimate weekly parties in homes across the country.

Hosted by “independent Suzanne consultants” since October 2006, the events are a decidedly contemporary take on the Tupperware and Avon parties of yore. Misael Maldonado, a gay man and longtime Suzanne fan, hosted such a happening at the home of charter consultant Mark Paulk in New York City earlier this year.

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