VOIP System Makes Calls Easy

Entrepreneur Magazine:

I don’t know about your desk, but mine resembles the receiving counter at an electronics waste dump. So I tried Logitech’s EasyCall Desktop keyboard/mouse/speakerphone system. It didn’t clean up my mess, but it did make a dent.

The wireless keyboard and laser mouse combo communicate with your PC via the VoIP-enabled speakerphone, which is about the size of an eyeglass case. Desk messes vary, but I traded four cables and four PC ports for just one USB port and cable between the PC and speakerphone. And since the keyboard and mouse are powered by two penlight batteries, there’s no A/C adapter cable, either.

Basically, the EasyCall takes the discrete voice and audio components that may be sprouting up on your desk because of VoIP and distributes their features, functions and buttons across a single system whose components are of higher quality than standard PC issue.

For added convenience, the most-often-used buttons are duplicated on a small speakerphone that delivers big sound–full-duplex sound with background noise and echo-canceling technology. Talkers on both sides of a VoIP conversation can talk and hear simultaneously. A bundled stereo headset plugs into the speakerphone for extra privacy.

Street Price: $130

Photo by Logitech.

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