Students Show Off Ideas

From helping the elderly to making exercise more entertaining, Portsmouth Middle School sixth graders exhibited their creations at their Invention Convention last week.

Thomas Chlaupek, 11, displayed his prototype of the “Ultimate Lighting System” in which a sensor is placed under a rug beside the bed that triggers a light to shine when stepped upon. He said he designed it for the elderly and those with Alzheimer’s disease who may “get out of bed and trip on something” before finding the light switch.

A grocery cart with side carts to hold fragile items is 12-year-old Alison Hamilton’s idea behind “Pimp My Cart.” She said she wants to try her cart out at Clements’ Market because “every time I go to the store with my mom she’s always worried about the bread and chips getting smooshed.”

Kyle MacDonald, 11, put his “DVD Helmet,” designed for the exercise-reluctant, to the test on his 8-year-old brother who caught some passes in a football game wearing the helmet. The helmet has a small DVD player attached in front enabling his brother to watch “Remember the Titans” as he played.

Aaron Parker, 11, said he created the “Hotonator,” a heated back pack, because “I get cold at the bus stop.” He sewed a patch on the back of his backpack and inserted a heating pack that he said lasts up to four to six hours and works well.

Kerri McVey, 12, and Brittany Cook, 11, designed the “Self-Watering Flower Pot” that they said nourished spider plants for two weeks with only one watering. The potted plants are placed inside a plastic container with holes punched in it that allow water poured into a larger plastic container to flow in as needed.

Photo by Eastbay Newspapers.

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