Franchises that can be run from home are popular.



Home-based franchises: You can put this franchise type as one that is hot and getting hotter all the time for lots of reasons. The first is the lower start-up costs associated with a home-based business. For many entrepreneurs, the home-based business is the perfect fit for their personality profile and investment capabilities. Among some of the more popular home-based franchise opportunities are business coaching, personal services, home improvement, among many others. It’s important to note that many home-based franchise opportunities have as much upside earning potential as those with a fixed office or retail location.

Franchises targeted to women: It’s no longer a secret that more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs. Many of them look to franchising as a great way to open a turn-key business. There has been a tremendous growth in businesses that offer franchise opportunities geared to the interests of women entrepreneurs. These interests include interior design, fitness and window fashions .

Franchises working with children: For would-be entrepreneurs, a franchise provides them with an opportunity to pursue a special interest they have – like working with children. As franchisors will train candidates in the details of their business, someone with good business acumen but little or no direct experience in a given field can purchase a franchise and experience great success. Children’s after-school programs focusing on learning, art and science are a few areas where franchisees can pursue gratifying business opportunities. This is very popular for people transitioning out of corporate life.

Franchises working with pets: This would be classified as franchisees that pursue specific passions they have – like those who love their pets. Not to be confused with a hobby, which this is not. Over the last 5 to 10 years there has been a true emergence in franchise opportunities that allow entrepreneurs to work with pets (pursue their passion) but also build a great business. Among some of the more popular opportunities in this category are pet grooming and pet training.

Franchising is a lot more than restaurants and retail. The key is to find out which opportunity is the best fit for you.

Originally posted by Dane Carlson on April 10, 2007 in Franchise Site.


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