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After six years of working at AOL, Lynette Meglio was burnt out. The South Riding mother of two realized she could no longer keep up the pace she was running. “I was going a million miles a minute,” she said. “I was a walking zombie.”

So, Meglio decided to stay home with her children, Mallory, then 3, and Michael, then 18 months. But after two years as a stay-at-home mom, Meglio started to feel the pull of working again.

“I really struggled with how do I use my skills as a worker and still stay accessible to my kids?” the Bergen County, N.J., native said.

Her solution?, a Web site dedicated to helping South Riding stay-at-home moms connect with local businesses and with each other. “I figured there must be other moms out there in the same boat as me,” Meglio said.

Putting her AOL marketing skills to work, Meglio created a Web site where local businesses could advertise and connect directly with some of the biggest consumers: mothers.

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