Dagwood's Sandwich Shoppes Bring Comic To Life

QSR Magazine:

Dagwood’s sandwich-making skills are legendary and have made his name synonymous with outrageous sandwiches. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines ‘the Dagwood sandwich‘ as ‘a multilayered sandwich having various fillings’ and notes its derivation as ‘a character who made such sandwiches in the comic strip Blondie by Chic Young.’


Chic Young died in 1973, and his son, Dean, took over the strip, making every thought of Dagwood’s one of his own. And, over the past 30 years, Dean Young couldn’t stop thinking about opening a sandwich shop for Dagwood. He’s collected and created thousands of recipes over the years.

Now Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes are poised to become a reality, the result of a partnership between Dean Young, who brings his creative genius to the arrangement, and International Marketing Systems (IMS), which has 17 years’ experience creating communications and franchisee-support programs for large retail companies and restaurant chains.

IMS has worked with leading fast-food companies and with Disney University in Orlando, which runs one of the leading training programs to instill a corporate culture in thousands of employees. Its fast-food clients have included Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits, Wendy’s, White Castle and Subway.

When Dean met IMS Chairman Lamar Berry, they realized the chemistry was there from the start. After several months of discussions, the Dagwood project became more than a casual business relationship and evolved into a partnership.

‘Some things come along only once in a lifetime, and this really felt like that sort of an opportunity,’ Berry, who has 30 years of franchising experience, said. ‘We, with our franchising and field-support systems background, and Dean, with his obsession with sandwiches, vision and creativity, can build what we believe will be one of the most successful franchising companies ever.’

The agreement puts Young in charge of menu product development and store design for the new franchise operation, while Berry and IMS will provide the guidance needed to build the franchise company and manage the business aspects of the joint venture.

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