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As owner-operator of BLACK DAWG SEALCOAT LLC, based in Nashua, NH, Jack Child knows a little something about mending worn-out, cracked driveways and giving them a black-as-night new coating. Yet the ongoing challenge he’s faced as BLACK DAWG begins its third year of operation has been mending the public’s perception of the asphalt maintenance industry.

“Many new entrants to this business simply run to the hardware store, buy a squeegee and bucket of sealer and, voila, they’re in the asphalt maintenance business. Consequently there are a lot of less than reputable folks who see a way to make a fast buck and take advantage of customers with inferior work and even worse service,” said Child. “The mantra of BLACK DAWG SEALCOAT is to earn the trust of our customers with first-rate customer service (real people answer the phone) and state-of-the-art sealcoating technologies and we put that philosophy to work every single day.”

BLACK DAWG franchises use environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-tracking sealing material, which leaves very little odor, to restore driveways to their original attractive look. Besides a better look, the sealant employed by BLACK DAWG slows oxidation and other damaging effects of the sun and ultraviolet rays while creating a protective barrier against gas, oil, and chemicals. Most importantly, it protects the driveway against moisture and water penetration – the driveway’s worst enemy.

BLACK DAWG SEALCOAT also offers Hot Rubber crack sealing services as well as line striping and complete pavement marking services for commercial parking lots. BLACK DAWG’s service area includes Bedford, Hollis, Manchester, Merrimack, Nashua and surrounding New Hampshire communities.

The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Wanting to extend the reach of BLACK DAWG, Child, a former military officer and pilot, launched his first franchised unit in April of 2006. BLACK DAWG SEALCOAT of Exeter, NH, is owned and operated by Kim O’Connor, a former flight attendant. O’Connor’s franchise serves Exeter, Stratham, Hampton, Portsmouth and other surrounding areas. Child expects to launch their first Massachusetts franchise shortly.

Originally posted by Dane Carlson on April 18, 2007 in Franchise Site.


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