Online Shoppers Team Up


A new website in Malaysia, Tumpang, which is Malay for pooling, makes it easy for buyers to pool their resources to get a bulk discount on everything from fabric freshener to flat screen televisions.

However, Tumpang has added an interesting twist on the seller’s side. Much like eBay, anyone can post an item for sale, paying Tumpang a listing fee. The seller states what the discounted price will be and how many buyers are needed. Sellers can be regular retailers who want to offload stock, but Tumpang’s blog also lists advice for incidental bulk dealers.

Which could be anyone hoping to make an extra ringgit by gathering a group of buyers on Tumpang, and then placing an order directly with a manufacturer in China or Korea.

Securing buyers before buying merchandise creates a low-risk form of alternative retail. Which should be music to any minipreneur’s ears.

Photo by Tumpang.

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