One Of Many Mothers Of Invention

Former Los Angeles elementary school teacher Lipman, 33, says she “fell into high tech backwards,” noting that while she’s always had a penchant for inventing things, she never saw this one coming. She and her husband Michael were enjoying a vacation in Scotland when she literally saw the light.

Maybe it was the lighthouse she was looking at in the distance, but the idea came to her in a flash. “I was using my Palm, and I thought: ‘If this thing could see me coming, it could bring me up what I wanted before I got there. Because I’m giving off all of this body language as I approach it — anyone watching me can see what I’m doing, but the computer can’t.

The technology is based on a stylus which emits invisible light, like a Palm stylus but “really small,” she explains. “That light, when it hits the screen, interacts with the display. We’ve harnessed the propagation of the light and the qualities that it has, and we found that we can interpret out from that where the stylus was when the light hit it.”

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