Routine Vital For Work-At-Home Set

Gannett News Service:

If you think everybody who works from home wears PJ’s and sneaks in housework, Jeff Korona and Cynthia Kidder are here to prove you wrong. These home-based workers make it a point to look and act professional — even though there’s no one around to judge.

It takes some discipline, but Korona and Kidder say it’s doable if you follow a few rules:

  • Dress for work. There’s no time to be a slob. Take a shower and look like you’re going somewhere.
  • Set a routine and stick to it. Just like in the office, there should be a certain time of day when things get done.
  • Keep work and fun on separate computers. Don’t allow family on the work computer.
  • Interact with other professionals. It’s hard to be motivated when you don’t have co-workers nearby. You have to make it a point to stay in the loop.

Photo by Patricia Beck.

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