Global Resorts Network Update

Global Resorts Network has now proven itself to be a reputable option for anyone looking for discounted travel and/or an amazing business opportunity. Their Perpetual Leverage pay plan and remarkable product value leaves all the others in the dust.

If you have not heard of Global Resorts Network or don’t know what we are about you must be living on Mars. GRN has teamed the most amazing travel membership with the most lucrative business opportunity every created. Global Resorts Network has top network marketers dropping their current programs and joining us on a daily basis. I know! I am one who dropped a program I was making 20K a month with.

GRN has done something that has never been done before in Network Marketing. GRN is the only company that has ever taken a proven retail product, (which has been successfully sold for 20 years, to thousands of people), reduced the cost and added a business opportunity.

You know as well as I do usually when a product goes network marketing the price goes up and value goes down. Not with Global Resort Network the value and product remain the same only the cost has come down. Insert the best pay plan ever created and you have a recipe for millions.

Global Resorts gives the normal family the ability to truly travel like royalty for pennies on the dollar. Our 4 and 5 star resorts are worldwide, you can choose from over 5000 locations in 70 different countries. 1 week stays range from just $298 to $699. This is for your as many people as the unit will hold. Not per person.

On average you will be saving $1,000 plus per vacation. I have personally seen savings as high as $2,400 for one trip. There are no monthly costs, or annual fees for the membership. Just a low one time up front cost. The platinum membership provides you with endless holidays. Up to 52 weeks of use, that’s right you can travel every week of the year. Not one or two weeks like most timeshares or other memberships. You will also get 3 vouchers a year to hand out to your family or friends. Try that with your timeshare. Did I mention there are no black out dates you can travel when ever you want.

Now I would like to touch on the business end of Global Resorts Network. Our compensation plan is called Perpetual Leverage. This is the most incredible pay plan I have ever seen. You honestly have to see it fully understand it. To see full details of the perpetual leverage comp plan follow this link. Global Resorts and Perpetual Leverage are going to create many 6 figure incomes this year; I feel 7 figure incomes are not out of the question.

Perpetual leverage makes this a true team environment. Not like a 1up or 2up where your downline becomes your competition. You will never pass a member above you. Commissions will roll up from all over your downline, for unlimited depths and widths.

For more information on Global Resorts Network, Perpetual Leverage and how we can help you achieve your goals, call me Rob Franta 216-408-9874 or visit.

This editorial was written by Robert Franta is a 10-year network marketer and a top earner in his current venture. He has been successfully marketing on the internet now for the last 6 years and has helped many people obtain success online. To find out more about Rob Franta or this opportunity please visit

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