FSB Magazine:

The off-airport parking industry normally attracts little attention from venture capitalists or business journalists. What’s sexy, after all, about running vast garages perfumed by jet fuel? Plenty, if you’re Martin Nesbitt, founder and CEO of the Parking Spot.

The Chicago-based company is best known for its whimsical yellow-and-black-spotted shuttle buses and employee uniforms. Customer perks include free newspapers, bottled water and chocolate chip cookies.

Last fall the Parking Spot introduced a premium service called On-Airport Valet parking at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. As if in a dream, a Parking Spot valet meets you and your vehicle in front of the terminal, whisks your car away, washes it and fills the tank while you’re gone, and greets you curbside with keys in hand upon your return. Cost: About $20 a day, plus gas.

To be sure, Nesbitt didn’t invent airport valet parking. But Nesbitt’s Parking Spot is the fastest-growing and most profitable firm in its field.

Photo by Parking Spot.

Originally posted by Rich Whittle on May 25, 2007 in Ideas.


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